About company




   We are producer and supplier of high-quality and safe products.

   We are open for the market, clients and suppliers, for our customers.

   We adhere to the principles of customer focus and innovation - we develop a culture of portioned consumption, we make products available in a variety of conditions, giving an opportunity to see more and choose the best.

   We develop the professionalism and competence of our staff, we develop our systematic procedures in order to provide our customers and partners with the highest level of service and the benefits of cooperation with us.

   We comply with business ethics – we are reliable, responsible, predictable company and aim for a mutual benefit.


The company today

   The company "ascania-pack" was founded in 2002 as part of the Group of Companies "Ascania."
Today "ascania-pack" - National diversified company that operates:

  • on the market of portioned products consumption and disposable materials for portioned consumption;
  • as well as on the market of packaging materials and consumables for companies of light and food industries, and printing companies.

   We are leaders, innovators on the market portioned products one-shot consumption, as well major trader with the widest range of flexible packaging materials on the market.



Portioned foods:

   The history of "ascania-pack" started on 28 October 2002 from entering as packer of food dry products to portioned food market of Ukraine.

   We are convinced that only a comprehensive satisfaction of market demand in portion packs will bring the company to the top. Researching the market and developing a culture of portioned products consumption on the national market, we are permanently launching new types of portioned packs.

   "ascania-pack" today - the leader on Ukrainian portion food market. The company that provides comprehensive customer service in food in portioned pack like stick, square for dry products; stick, dip, sachet - for a paste like products. More than 50 items in the standard assortment. Company’s management system is based on the implementation of international standards ISO 22000, ISO 9001, social responsibility and the principles of HACCP. The effectiveness of this integrated system is confirmed by annual external independent audit for compliance with requirements of such international companies as McDonalds' Ukraine, Kraft Foods Ukraine, METRO C & C (TM "Rioba").

   "Askania - Pack" has been successfully audited in accordance with certification scheme FSSC 22000




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