For Distributors


  •       Consumers are becoming more demanding  in hospitality sphere , in quality and food safety. Hence, portioned serving culture is only in the development process.
  •       ascania-pack invites you to become a partner and jointly develop the distribution of portioned food on the territory of Ukraine.

HoReCa segment is the target and the main consumer of portioned products as the fastest growing sales channel. The annual increase of sales volume is around 20%. This figure is due to the emergence of new HoReCa institutions and the transition of existing institutions on portion serving.

  •     Opportunities and Support

- Additional earnings

- Expanding the brands portfolio, which gives an advantage to the full complex service

- Marketing Support

- Legal counseling


  •      Conditions for obtaining the distributor status

- Solvency and financial discipline

- The presence of the team of sales managers (active sales)

- Availability of storage facilities

- quality coating of work area


  •       Steps

1. Filling in the form "Distributor ascania-pack"

- form here 

2. Review and approval of conditions

- The period of consideration - 3 working days

3. The signing of the distributive contact

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